The Edit

A tailored editing service for professional wedding photographers.

The Extra Edit for yours truly

Why choose me?

Of course, there are plenty of editing services for wedding photographers looking to outsource their galleries, so here’s a handful of reasons why I should be in the running…

  1. I’m a graphic designer by day, wedding photographer by weekend with 20+ years’ experience in Adobe software.
  2. I’m a whizz with Lightroom and Photoshop, and see a tough-to-edit image as a challenge!
  3. Don’t worry if your style differs to mine! I’m able to edit in your style, using a handful of your galleries and your presets / Lightroom settings as a guide.
  4. Much of what we do as professional wedding photographers is subjective, and so there may well be some images that don’t quite line up with your expectations, but don’t worry — that’s totally normal! I will work with you to ensure you’re happy with your edited galleries and include one round of changes in the price as standard. Should you need anything else after this first round of changes, we’ll discuss additional costs.
  5. You don’t have to hand over any memory cards, hard drives or floppy discs(!) — simply send me a Lightroom Catalogue of smart previews and I’ll work from there.

What’s the process?

  1. Complete the form below and an email will whizz it’s way to my inbox. I’ll get back to you by email as soon as I’m able to, then we’ll get cracking.
  2. For all newbies with me, I’ll ask to see a handful of galleries to really get to grips with your style. 2 – 5 galleries should do it, but if you want to send more, please feel free!
  3. Once we’re all booked in with a 25% up-front payment, I’ll ask for a Lightroom Catalogue of your culled images. See below for the ins and outs of creating and sharing your Lightroom Catalogue with me.
  4. From there, I’ll get working on your gallery and 2–4 weeks later, send a preview of your images.
  5. If you’re happy with the style, I’ll ask for payment of the remaining balance, then send over your Lightroom Catalogue so you can export, upload and share to your heart’s content.
  6. Should you need any changes once your Catalogue is back in your hands, one round of updates is included. Should you need anything else after this first round of changes, we’ll discuss additional costs.

Creating a Lightroom Catalogue

  1. Add your RAW images to Lightroom, ensuring that Build Smart Previews is switched on.
  2. Apply your preset or editing style to a handful of images. Be sure to include a black & white edit in here if you would like any black & white edits in your gallery.
  3. Flag any images you have shared publicly or with your couple, so I don’t edit over them. I don’t mind if you do this with ratings or colours, but please do let me know what to look out for.
  4. Select all the images you would like for me to edit, and export them as a Catalogue with only Include Smart Previews selected, and named with something unique like the wedding date and couple’s names. Please also include your Photography name so I can keep track of who is who!
  5. Once the Catalogue has fully exported, quit Lightroom and send me a ZIP file of the .lrcat and .lrdata files in your Catalogue.

Some handy tips…

Dropbox, WeTransfer or any other file sharing apps are fine — as long as I can access them without any issues, I’m happy for you to send in your preferred way.

Keep hold of the Catalogue on your end, just in case something goes awry and we need to go again.

Keep your RAW images saved in the place you had them when you exported the Catalogue. When I send it back to you, Lightroom will look in that location for your original images.


The Essential Edit

  • Essential colour correction & lighting adjustments
  • Tone & profile adjustments
  • Cropping & alignment
  • Basic skin retouching, cloning & healing
1-250 images£150.00
251-500 images£175.00
501-750 images£200.00
751-1000 images£225.00

The Extra Edit

I will need to see each of the images before we get booked in, in order to assess whether the edits will be Basic, Extensive… or achievable! Please send a low res preview of each of the images via email, Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Basic retouching

  • Skin edits that are not possible to achieve in Lightroom
  • Removal of larger or more intrusive objects
  • Simple stray hair removal

Extensive retouching

  • Intensive skin edits
  • Face swaps
  • Clothing adjustments (wrinkles, underarm patches etc.)
  • Background swaps or removal
  • Complex stray hair removal
Basic retouching
(per image)
Extensive retouching
(per image)