Caroline & Dave’s Chilled City Pre-shoot in Castlefield, Manchester

Caroline & Dave used to live in Castlefield, in an apartment looking over The Wharf pub. So, where better for us to meet for their pre-wedding engagement photoshoot than the pub? Spoiler alert: nowhere 🙂

I’d just done a quick recce, and knew that the light was perfect in the car park under the bridge just round the corner so we nipped quickly to get a few shots before it filled up with cars. Lucky we did; just as we were wrapping up our final shots, a car pulled in to park right where we were. Cheeky bugger!

We moved on and explored as far as MOSI, before heading back for a pint in the sunshine at The Wharf.

Caroline & Dave’s wedding is coming up this Saturday at Great John Street Hotel – it’s going to be a relaxed day, with a mega party afterwards. I’ve got my dancing shoes ready, bring it on!

Here are a few of my favourites from the pre-shoot…